So anyone in the world of vaping will know the new tpd laws coming in on the 20th may 2017, this means from the 19th May we will not be selling any more juices premixed with nicotine.

We will, however, be selling nicotine shots to go into our juices all you’ll do is decide what strength and how many bottles you will need, to start with only 3mg will be available, others available on request, so to work it out it’s easy; our new size bottles will have:

60ml bottles filled with 50mil of eliquid to add 1 nicotine shot to make a 3mg

60ml bottles filled with 40ml of eliquid to add 2 nicotine shots to make a 6mg

120ml bottles filled with 100ml of eliquid add 2 nicotine shots to make a 3mg

120ml bottles filled with 80ml of eliquid add 4 nicotine shots to make a 6mg